Campaign 2020

A Note from our Campaign Co-Chairs

We stepped into our volunteer roles as the 2020 United Way Campaign Co-Chairs with a lot of heart and enthusiasm for helping to impact people's lives in Indiana County.  Almost instantly, COVID happened and things changed.  Regardless of our roles, we've all needed to adapt the way we do business - and life - this year.

The foundation of the United Way is to mobilize the caring power of Indiana County.  An organization like the United Way is in a uniquely different position where they were challenged to continue meeting the needs around us, while being called to respond to the additional community needs from the crisis.

It was truly inspiring to watch the way the United Way stepped up to help solve problems this year.  They established an Emergency Relief Fund which put $87,000 into the hands of those who lost employment due to COVID.  They also brought schools and nonprofits together to address food security for school children, and took over financial management of a meal delivery program for seniors.

These projects were front and center while continuing support to our partner agencies who adapted to provide essential services to address addiction, domestic violence, physical and mental health for children.  These needs don't go away in times of crisis, in fact, they often become amplified.

This year's fundraising campaign is unique in that we know there is so much work to do during a challenging time, but we know that TOGETHER we have the means and strength to do it.

Your donations and support are needed now more than ever.  We ask that you join us in moving forward together, supporting one another because, ultimately, we are in this together.  Help make Indiana County #communitystrong. 

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Your donation may qualify you to receive a ticket for our campaign raffle.  For a list of prizes, and official rules and regulations, visit here.


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