United Way of Indiana County Celebrates 85 years!

November 19, 1930 - The Central Charities of Indiana County held a meeting stating their purpose to work out a plan where all the requests for relief of needy families from all parts of Indiana County. Representatives from local organizations including, Indiana Borough Council, County Commissioners, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America, YMCA, Indiana County Medical Society, County Welfare, and the Ministerial Association were present.

1931 - Indiana County Community Chest Campaign started. Dr. Charles Foster, president of the Normal School, was chosen to be the campaign chairman

1957 - The United Appeal in Indiana was formed in conjunction with the Red Cross (The United Appeal would last 3 years.)

1958 - The motion was made to start looking at the possibly of organizing a countywide United Fund.

September 29, 1958 - The United Appeal had its opening dinner at the Rustic Lodge. The goal was set at $ 121,650 and the guest speaker of the evening was Larman Sherwood.  He spoke on how to overcome handicaps to reach your goals.

May 11, 1959 - Indiana County United Fund was formally announced and named 45 members for the board of directors from all sections of Indiana County.

October 20, 1959 - The United Fund Drive opened for the northern districts of Indiana County. Clare C. Steele was named leader of the campaign in that area.

1960 - 1966 - Jim Perine was the new United Fund Executive Director. 

1966 – 1967 Ralph Miller became Executive Director. 

1968 – 1975 – Harry H. House took over as Executive Director.

Late 60’s – Dorothea Munshower, office manager, set up a book keeping system that was integral to managing the ever rising donations that UWIC collected.

1968-1975 – Patricia Johnston takes over as office manager.

1973 - The United Fund changed its name to United Way and the helping hand symbol was shown across the country. 

1975 - 1986 - Bob Derry was assigned the duties of the Executive Director.

1986 - 1997 - Fred Moreau accepts the Executive Director's position.  On June 23, 1994 at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania he helped put together a scrimmage featuring the Steelers and the Redskins. All proceeds benefited the United Way and they raised $62,000 for the annual campaign that day. 

1997 - 2000 - Melinda Fairman took over as the Executive Director of Indiana County.

1998 - United Way staff and board members participate in "Can Do", an analysis of the fundraising campaign and evaluation of the overall operation of the United Way.  This three-day training sets the groundwork for strategic planning sessions and new ideas for future campaigns.

1999 - United Way completes the strategic planning process.  Staff, volunteers, United Way Board and community members set goals for the next five years and adopt mission statement & belief statements.

2000 – 2007 Patricia Simmons named as the Executive Director of the United Way of Indiana County.  She took over the duties May 1, 2000.

2008 – 2010 Trish Corle named as the Executive Director of the United Way of Indiana County.  She took over the duties March 31, 2008.

2010 – 2015 Susan Sapko is named as the Executive Director of the United Way of Indiana County. She took over the duties on July 20, 2010.

2015 – 2017 Donna M. Griffith was named as Interim Executive Director of the United Way of Indiana County. She assumed the duties on August 10, 2015.

2017 – Jane Lockard takes over as Executive Director.