Restaurant Week




January 12th-18th 

The United Way of Indiana County will be benefitted by a Restaurant Week from January 12th-18th at no extra cost to you! Come and enjoy flavorful dishes from your favorite local restaurants for a week of food, friends, and fueling change. Participating restaurants include:


Spaghetti Benders
Venice Cafe & Pizzeria
Nap's Cucina Mia
Josephine's Pizzeria & Enoteca
Luigi's Ristorante
Grubs Sports Bar
CH Fields Craft Kitchen
King Buffet
Ravaila's Restaurant
El Tosoro Mexican Bar and Grille
Donatello's Restaurant
El Paso Mexican Grill

Rose Inn



Your Questions, Answered.


1.) I want to participate. Do I just "show up" at one of the restaurants and tell them I want to participate? Will each restaurant have some kind of punch card, or do I save my receipts?
Each restaurant will have punch cards available. You do not have to save your receipts. Participants must be 18+ to enter.

2.) I often get delivery from local restaurants. Do you have to eat-in to get credit?
No, you do not have to eat in to get credit! The restaurant delivery driver will bring you a stamp card with a stamp on it. If you do this more than once, please staple all of your stamp cards together to be eligible for the prize.

3.) Is there any minimum for your meal to count as a "visit"? Could I just buy a soft drink or beer and it would count?
This is completely up to the restaurant, but a large part of Restaurant Week is to encourage people to support local businesses, so we encourage patrons to purchase a meal.

4.) How do you "turn in" whatever you have to turn in to qualify for the prize? And when must this be turned in? And to where? One of the participating restaurants or to the United Way office?
The stamp cards provide participants with this information. They can either turn their card in to any participating location, or mail it to the United Way office at 655 Church Street Ste. 114 by January 20th.


For other questions, please call the United Way office at 724-463-0277